Neon White, Night In The Woods, Gris, And More Out On New Platforms Today

A stampede of indies are making their way over to new generation consoles today. If you missed them the first time around now is definitely the time to snap them up. I recently played Sky: Children of the Light on PS5 and its stunning graphics took full advantage of the hardware. Even if you didn’t miss these titles the first time, think about picking them up again as they are getting a boost from today’s most powerful platforms.

Neon White

Already available for Steam and Switch, this first-person action game gives you one chance to earn a place in heaven. Speeding through levels and annihilating all the demons in your path is your one-way ticket to the cloudy realm. However, you’re not the only one fighting for the spot. The game is out today on PlayStation consoles, and anyone that buys it on PS4 can later get the PS5 upgrade for free.

Night In The Woods

This indie classic is making its way onto PlayStation 5 today along with another great Finji title, Overland. Both come with “delicious 4K,” run at 60 fps, and the PS4 to PS5 jump doesn’t cost extra. Night in the Woods follows Mae, I college dropout newly returned to her hometown. Lost and struggling with her mental health, she and a few old friends find themselves in the middle of an unsettling mystery.


One of my favorite indies of all time, and certainly in the running for most beautiful, Gris is releasing on Xbox Series X/S and PS5 today. The game now boasts 4K resolution, up to 120 fps, and DualSense features. Once again, PS4 game owners can upgrade for free.

Potion Craft

It’s time to celebrate this brewing simulator’s 1.0 launch! Coming to Xbox consoles (on GamePass) and PC, you can start your own little potion shop. Collect ingredients from your garden, unlock new options on your skill tree, and haggle with a variety of costumers. And all the while enjoying the game’s manuscript-inspired aesthetics.

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