Tackling The Big Questions On The Fun And Games Podcast: What Are Indies?

When you get down to it, defining what an “indie” game actually is can be pretty tough. And that can make it difficult for people like me and the fantastic Fun and Games Podcast’s Matt Storm and Geoff Moonen to cover them. So, the hosts invited me on the show to help sort everything out.

We might have ended with more questions than answers.

While the objectively correct definition for the games we love to play might allude us, we did end up getting to talk about a lot of great indies.

Episode 137: Informed About Indies Fun and Games with Matt and Geoff – Certain POV

Matt & Geoff are joined by Jill Grodt of The Indie Informer to discuss what defines a video game as an "Indie" game, and why that's such an endlessly difficult task.

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