My Top 5 Reveals Of The Game Awards 2022

The big awards show came out swinging with a ton of indie announcements — the best of which were complete surprises. Though it was a painful process, I managed to narrow my list of favorites down to 5 choices. Check out the trailers and read my thoughts on each reveal below. You can also watch me reacting to these live — as well as the rest of The Game Awards 2022 — with Game Informer’s Alex Van Aken.

Hades II

Possibly the highlight of the entire night, Supergiant Games is making a sequel to its acclaimed rogue-like dungeon crawler, and my inner mythology nerd was activated. We’ll get more info on Early Access in 2023, so don’t expect this unprecedented sequel anytime soon.


Every time I get asked what I’m excited for in a show, my answer includes “the surprises,” and this is why. Extremely OK Games, the team behind Celeste, unveiled a brand new platformer out of the blue. I need to see so much more of this title before its 2024 release date — and I wouldn’t mind a second look at that mysterious, white-haired Fate-traveler.

After Us

I didn’t realize during the reveal, but After Us is being developed by the creators behind Arise: A Simple Story. Piccolo Studio’s last heart touching title didn’t get enough love, but I hope the upcoming post-apocalyptical adventure finds a bigger audience with this Game Awards debut.


Coming to PS5 and PC, Viewfinder is ready to melt players’ brains. I don’t know if I have the words to describe the surreal puzzles in Sad Owl Studios’ newly announced title. So, you may just want to watch the trailer above to enjoy its astounding blend of colors, styles, and ideas.


Replaced is still coming! News of the 2.5D dystopian game had become scarce following its eye-catching showing last summer, making me nervous about its development. Though I wouldn’t have minded a more narrow release window than 2023, I’m glad to see Replaced looks as stunning as ever.

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