Blaseball Relaunches Next Month, Welcomes New Fans And Old With Perfectly Absurd Explainer

These past few weeks, Blaseball fans have gathered to watch Fall Ball every Friday. The short cosmic happenings have acted like a kind of pre-season draft, but the growing teams are almost ready to kick off the main event.

Opening day for Blaseball’s new season will start on January 9 and with it a load of new updates including “a revamped website, new social features, and plenty of untold horrors beyond our mortal comprehension.” One of the biggest changes in the upcoming Era of play is that Blaseball will have a dedicated app launching day one.

The app will let fans do the usual betting (no real money involved), voting, and cheering on their team, but has another interesting function. It looks like there will be a way to communicate with fellow fans this time around, perhaps negating the need to find communities elsewhere on the internet.

But that’s not the only change. The developers hint the very structure of the game may be getting an overhaul. “Past Blaseball Seasons occurred over the course of one week, followed by a postseason featuring four teams from each of Blaseball’s two leagues,” explains the team. “No one can say for certain what the new Era will entail…” They end that mysterious message by encouraging players to keep an eye on in the coming weeks to see what horrors might pop out of the sinister black hole. There are still several unrevealed prizes on the website, so be sure to sign up to help discover what the new season has in store.

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