Time To Catch Up

I’m taking a break this week to see family and eat turkey. The Indie Informer won’t be getting any new posts until I’m back, but that gives everyone some time to catch up on a lot of cool indies. Check out some of my recent posts below:


A Walk With Yiayia: A Touching Breath Of Fresh Air

A Little To The Left: Soothing And Satisfying Puzzle-Solving

Frog Detective 3: Corruption At Cowboy County: Hopping Off Into The Sunset


The Last Hero Of Nostalgaia: A First-Rate Meta Adventure

Godlike Burger Switch Edition: What Happens When You Mix Overcooked, Sweeney Todd, And Space In Your Hands

Paradise Marsh: A Relaxing Retreat


Frozen Flame: If You Have Things To Do, This Game Is Dangerous

Melatonin: Don’t Sleep On This

Dredge: Where I Went Wrong And How The Devs Righted My Sail

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