A Bonus Holiday Treat – 99 Questions: An Oddly Numbered Interview Podcast

So, it’s more of a multi-course meal than a treat, but the delightful Bob Buel invited me on the 99 Questions podcast to answer a grueling gauntlet of carefully devised inquires. Besides my love of tea, we talk about what I think counts as an indie, my unusual path to The Indie Informer, and my inability to feed myself properly.

99Q – Jill Grodt 99 Questions

Jill Grodt¬†(founder of 'The Indie Informer', formerly Game Informer) orders a good cup of jasmine tea at the cafe, but they are all out and the next closest replacement is a ninety-nine question interview – still piping hot though! Join Jill and I as we discuss what it really means to be an indie video game, leaving her dream job, fistfuls of tortilla, a red-haired Darth Vader, high tides, Tenchu's versus mode, tea, museum scavenger hunts, and not italicizing things anymore. –ASK ME A QUESTION! The 99 Question Hotline!– 732-592-9838 (aka REAL-WAX-VET) 99questionspod@gmail.com 99Q on Twitter 99Q Merch — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/99questions/support

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