The Indie World Showcase Cheat Sheet

It’s not always easy to carve time out of your work day for a digital event, especially when it was only announced earlier in the week. This morning’s showcase didn’t give us too many surprises, but it’s definitely not one indie fans would want to miss. That’s where The Indie Informer comes in. I’ve grabbed all the info from the show and put it all in one, quick to take in place.

Venba – Spring 2023

Goodbye World – November

Have A Nice Death – March 22, 2023

AKA – December 15

Pepper Grinder – 2023

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly – Spring 2023

ONI : Road to be the Mightiest Oni – March 9, 2023

Desta: The Memories Between – Early 2023

A Space For The Unbound – January 19, 2023

Dordogne – Spring 2023

Botany Manor – 2023

Once Upon a Jester – Today

Rogue Legacy 2 – Today

Blanc – February 14, 2023

Inscryption – December 1

WrestleQuest – May 2023

Wobbledogs Console Edition – November 17

Storyteller – March 23, 2023

WORLD OF HORROR – Summer 2023

Curse of the Sea Rats – Early 2023

A Little to the Left – Today

Check out my review on A Little to the Left!

Sports Story – December

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