Play Must Continue: Blaseball Is Coming Back

The incomprehensible phenomenon that is Blaseball is ending its year-long hiatus. Though we saw a short off-season series in Short Circuits last October, the game has not resumed its full form. However, this morning, The Game Band posted several mysterious messages on the game’s social media. The first showing a slowly turning, dark hole-like object followed by this message spread out over multiple tweets: “What. Did you hear that. That big bang. Wait. Was that a burp. Oh no. It’s gonna barf.”

And just like that, Blaseball starts right back up with its signature vague and unsettling brand of fun. The creators soon after posted a link for fans to sign up for the upcoming spectacle. Of, course it also contains a mysterious message.

“Blaseball is Returning. Moments Ago… the universe ended. A god is dead. A Black Hole swallowed the League. Play was Stopped. Now… a New Beginning. Officials gather. Challengers orbit. Will you help Them? Can our heroes escape the gravity of their situation? Fill the stands. Make some noise. Stars will Fall. Play Must Continue.”

By hitting the big button that reads “start,” you’ll be prompted to sign up for the game with your email. But what does the number counter above it mean? Its likely to be counting fans who’ve signed up, but is there more to it than that? Also, what’s going on with the section labeled “Our prizes?”

At the moment the area below this header says a whole lot of nothing. Literally. Because the prize seems to be Nothing. The flavor text under the apparent non-prize changes after signing up for the game to say “Nothing is Commemorated. Nothing Beckons. Power Vacuum. Creative Void.” And below that are five mysterious blank slates filled with question marks and a note explaining “This is locked.”

Those who have signed up will also see that the “Next Fall” is this Friday, so be sure to head back to the site in a few days!

Should you want a little more explanation about what’s going on in the world of Blaseball, IGN’s Rebekah Valentine (who still unfortunately cheers for the Breath Mints rather than the obviously superior Lovers) was in on the cosmic loop for this announcement and has a wonderful write up on everything you’ll want to know.

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