Frog Detective 3: Corruption At Cowboy County Review: Hopping Off Into The Sunset

It took me about an hour and a half to finish Frog Detective 3, and in that time I was everything from tickled, to outraged, to poetic, and so many things in between. The absurd humor, colorful surroundings, and unconventional atmosphere ensure the series comes to a fitting end — literally.

Players that have never jumped into a Frog Detective game before can start the third installment without concern. The developers saw fit to start the story with a little recap; one that immediately spotlights this game’s bizarre brand of humor. Rather than simply replaying a cutscene from older titles, Frog Detective 3 started with Mary, a character never seen again, flamboyantly reenacting her version of what took place at the end of the second game.

Then, armed with a trusty magnifying glass, the world’s second best detective boarded a train steaming towards the mystery-plagued Cowboy County. As is only right, the green guesser stepped out onto the barren plains in the most perfect pair of cowboy boots. But before heading into town, a conveniently placed phone begins to ring. It’s the supervisor calling to offer me the only thing missing from my wild West adventure: a scooter. And it’s awesome.

I’ll admit that I delayed heading to my destination for way longer than I should have because I was so busy rolling through the sands, jumping dunes, and clearing cactuses. But when I did make my appearance, I quickly learned of two issues. One was — handily — solved before I arrived, while the other was left in my amphibious hands. And even though my sleuthing had only just begun, the tongue-in-cheek dialogue and loveable character models had already made this an experience worth remembering. Both elements remained a strong ongoing thread.

The majority of the game revolves around helping the town’s various inhabitants. Whether that means presenting a painter with a worthy muse, or asking for some shady favors, every mission was well communicated to me via my notebook. Nothing was overly complicated, and most tasks boiled down to silly fetch quests, but completing them still felt satisfying. However, when everything seemed complete, the game bucked my expectations and took an unexpected turn. At one point, my gameplay notes just read: “Nooo!”

To balance out the concern that last sentence might provoke, I’ll also note that soon after, a Sailor Moon-worthy transformation sequence took place, which cheered me up immensely.

As I mentioned in my introduction, the game’s conclusion was tailor-made for the Frog Detective series, bringing the trilogy to a well-deserved close.

I recommend this game to:

  • Frog Detective fans
  • Anyone that revels in absurd humor
  • Walking sim fans who earn for light puzzle-solving mechanics
  • Players interested in riding a sick scooter
  • People who suspect it isn’t easy being green
  • Those who appreciate good word play
  • Figures against giving your full address to strangers
  • Fans of breaking the fourth wall
  • People that won’t ask why someone just gives you a shovel
  • Those who enjoy rootin’ and/or tootin’
  • Players interested in indie game references
  • Anyone that believes in justice

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