Laying Out The Journey To The Indie Informer On Notable Nerds, A ProNerd Report Interview Show

Sebastion Mauldin was kind enough to invite me on his show to ramble about my time covering video games, and everything that got me to this point. From working a completely unrelated field, to moving halfway across the country for a chance to work at Game Informer, to quitting my dream job, there are plenty of twists and turns!

But I can never go long without my enthusiasm for indies boiling over. So, expect to get an earful of some of the things I’ve been playing since I started this new venture. If you wait to the very end, you’ll even get to hear the gracious host attempt to hide his utter dismay at my controversial food takes.

The Notable Nerds Podcast is only one part of Sebastion’s larger platform, called The ProNerd Report, where he covers a whole range of gaming topics. Hopefully, you will have time to check out his content in between all the spectacular indies hitting right now. Massive Monster, for instance, dropped a spooky, limited-time event for Cult of the Lamb yesterday.

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