Cult Of The Lamb Blood Moon Festival Unleashed Today

It’s time to return to the flock! Massive Monster has kicked off a limited-time event in its hit cult manager. The free update adds a new ritual, three new follower forms, four fresh decorations, and Halloween-worthy music to the game. If you were looking for a reason to fire Cult of the Lamb back up again, this is it. However, the celebration only lasts until November 10, so don’t miss out! The release trailer below will fill you in on all the spooky details.

The creators explained a little more about what fans can expect in the next few weeks:

“Under the light of the Blood Moon devotees can harvest pumpkins to unlock a brand new ritual that will raise former members of their cult, casting them back to the land of the living as wandering spirits. New follower forms and dreadful decorations will be granted upon their capture.”

But Cult of the Lamb isn’t the only game ready to get you in an eerie mood, this week’s releases include more than one can’t-miss creepy title!

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