Bossgame: The Final Boss Is My Heart Impressions- A Lesbian Boss Rush You Can Take On The Go

Mobile games can be hit or miss for me. I’m happy to dive into a couple Niantic titles regularly, like Pok√©mon Go and Pikmin Bloom, but for the most titles, the controls are just not right. Either they are so simplistic that they don’t keep my attention or so complicated that I can’t just pick it up and play when I’m waiting in line or sitting on the bus. Because, to be honest, these in-between periods are my prime mobile gaming time. Bossgame manages to hit that narrow target, however — the first time I’ve experienced that with a story-heavy game.

Just the right blend of simple and engaging, this boss rush title has a lot going for it. The game centers around two romantically involved demon-fighters named Sophie and Anna. And though they are rich in their affection for each other, they’re pretty cash poor. This leads them to take a gig hunting down demon’s for Mammon City’s slimey mayor who immediately tries to back out of the deal when it comes time to pay. It’s fun to see an actual narrative unfold on my phone, but the dialogue heavy sections aren’t the star of the title.

The true meat of Bossgame is its compelling action. During combat, you simultaneously control both characters. With touch buttons for a quick attack, heavy attack, and shield all tied to a stamina meter, the player has to stay on their toes. Depleting too much energy going for a hard hit means you can get stunned, or even KO’d when the opposing demon attacks.

As the game goes on, the enemies’ patterns become more complicated and unpredictable. One moment you might think you have enough time to charge up a power dual assault, but suddenly discover you have to defend with the little stamina you have left. Thankfully, the combat never gets unwieldy. The simplicity of your options makes a great experience for those downtime moments when you want to jump into a quick battle while running errands.

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