Turnip Boy Robs A Bank, Spirittea, And Schim Coming To The MIX Next 2022 Showcase

One of the best stages for indie games, The Media Indie Exchange (MIX), is ready for another fabulous presentation, The MIX Next 2022. Tune in October 27 on either Twitch or YouTube at 10 am Pacific Time to catch all the details. It promises to have “fresh announcements, trailers, gameplay, and more, bringing together some of the hottest developers and publishers around the world.” The showcase will seemingly focus on games coming in the last part of 2022, but the organizer’s website hints views can also expect news on next year’s releases.

The MIX also recently lifted the veil on some of the titles we could look forward to seeing at the show, and more than a few names caught my eye. You can see the full list here, but these are the indies I’m bursting at the seems to catch a glimpse of next week.


I have to put a disclaimer on this one before sinking into its bubbling content, because I backed Spirittea when it first popped up on Kickstarter. As a result, I’m a character in the game — and my little pixel self looks adorable!

Drawing on inspirations like Spirited Away and Stardew Valley, Spirittea is a life sim with bath management at its core. You play as a writer who moves to the countryside to deal with a serious case of writer’s block. However, a run in with a curious tea pot sets you on a supernatural path. You see, the once-thriving spirits in this area have stopped receiving their due respect, and strange things have begun to happen. Luckily, you now have the power to set up a soothing bathhouse to calm the mischievous spirits. And they’ll even pay you!

Make your unearthly customers happy, befriend the locals, and help the town to get your writing back on track. You can even check out the demo on Steam right now.

Turnip Boy Robs A Bank

Sequel to the equally absurd-sounding Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, this adventure sees our veggie-like hero joining a group of shady characters to, well, rob a bank.

The Pickled Gang is planning a serious heist and, having dipped his roots into the world of crime, Turnip Boy isn’t about to turn down the opportunity to cash in. The ridiculous action-adventure featuring roguelike elements has its protagonist collecting “an array of dangerous and wacky tools from the dark web, including a diamond pickaxe, C4, and a radio jammer.” Once amassed, Turnip Boy and his new crew will fight their way through various “food-based” characters guarding the bank.

The release date for Turnip Boy Robs a Bank is set for next year, but maybe we can expect more news during the showcase.


Schim is the game on this list I know the least about, and that makes it one of my most anticipated participants in the Mix’s upcoming showcase. First popping up this summer, the eye-catching title is being made by a two-person team. There have been hints it’s coming in 2023, but as of now, its Steam release date still reads TBA.

Its concept puts players in the shoes of a frog-like shadow. It has somehow become detached from its rightful person, and is on a quest to find its way back. However, it can only travel in the shadows, which means hopping from one pool of shade to the next. Moving cars, waddling ducks, and swaying trees all provide avenues for the creature to make its way across the map. Besides the base gameplay and the game’s striking art style, there’s not a lot more to glean from past looks at Schim.

So, I’m eagerly awaiting the title’s appearance next week, and hoping for even more details to get me excited for its release.

There are a ton of other games to look forward to at The Mix Next 2022, and I’ll be covering all the highlights next week. So, check back soon!

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