Harmony’s Odyssey Impressions: Don’t Judge At A Glance, Or My Apologies To The Cat

Last month, I made a mistake.

In my article on Harmony’s Odyssey, which released today, I blamed the cat as the root of all evil in the game’s world gone wrong. But on playing the title’s opening hours, I realized that my snap judgment wrongly maligned the poor feline companion, as it was a horde of off-putting rodents that actually caused the protagonist’s magic wand to fall from its protective container on an out-of-reach shelf. This mouse-caused, world-rearranging catastrophe is what leads players on a quest to reset the magically shuffled world in this appealing puzzle adventure.

And it occurs to me that many players might likewise be tempted to dismiss the game itself offhand based on a quick look. Learn from me: Don’t do this! Harmony’s Odyssey is cotton candy-looking in appearance, but it is by no means lacking substance. It’s not weighty, but its gameplay gets satisfyingly challenging, even early on.

It also has a larger array of things to do than I initially expected. While centered around connecting environmental pieces together, rather like a classic jigsaw puzzle, it has also offers activities ranging from slider puzzles to “spot the difference” games. And every new scrambled scene — owing to the vivid colors and enchanting character designs — is brimming with energy.

The problems start in your cozy house, requiring only a few adjustments to the furniture and d├ęcor, but they quickly spread. Validating my initial assumption of the black cat familiar, most of the ever-expanding issues visiting world are absolutely its fault. The ball of fuzz chases the smell of cooked sausages and bounds off to explore like any escaped cat would. But with the magical implement tucked in its mouth, disaster follows in its wake.

From a single building, to an entire block and beyond, you’ll have to put everything back where it goes. And it’s not a walk in the park (Unless you want it to be, as the game offers different difficulty options). Despite the challenge, Harmony’s Odyssey is exactly the kind of game that helps me unwind after a stressful day. The whimsical aesthetics and mind-grabbing riddles don’t leave much room to focus on outside worries.

I recommend this game to:

  • Puzzle fans
  • Witch fans
  • Cat fans
  • Cats that like fans
  • Anyone looking for an unassuming challenge
  • Those who enjoy endearing graphics
  • Anyone that thought Wholesome Direct 2022 was the best showcase of the summer
  • Players against assuming the worst of our feline friends

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