This Is Not A Drill: An Official Tunic Plushie Is Coming Soon!

Fall is one of the busiest, and the most costly, time of year for games. This is the period when everything begins to hit the shelves because those big gift-giving holidays are just around the corner. And while all the amazing indie games hitting in the future have my wallet dangerously besieged, the Team behind my favorite indie game of the year, Tunic, is throwing out an offer I can’t refuse.

A Tunic plushie! Look at this little guy. How can I resist that squishable face? Developer Andrew Shouldice even admits to making the new merch too adorable to say no to. “For the plush, we wanted something that was super huggable,” says Shouldice. “We decided on a cute blend between the fox protagonist everyone knows and loves, and a certain valuable item you can find in the game.”

The exact details on the stuffed fox’s price, and when you can get it ion your hands is still TBD, but the seller has an option to be notified via email when more information is available.

But that plushie is not the only piece of merch the Tunic Team is threatening me with. Shirts, hoodies, and a deluxe vinyl box set of the game’s soundtrack are all either up for grabs now, or will be soon. RIP my wallet.

Being the best game of 2022, Tunic is game must-play game if you haven’t jumped into the adventure yet. The title just made the jump onto the PlayStation consoles and the Switch. meaning it’s available on every major platform. So, it’s easy to find!

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  1. […] Fangamer recently released, and sold out of, a plush capturing the adorable determination of Tunic’s vulpine hero. I’m not surprised at the product’s popularity. Even my tweet picturing the cute little thing attracted wide ranging attention. […]

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