Windies Direct 2022 Showcases Games’ “Far Reaching Global Cultural Impact, That Exceeds Our Size”

Owing to the nature of indie gaming, creators from all over the world have a chance to make something that can make its way onto the global stage. This years Windies Direct celebrates this by highlighting some amazing games coming out of the Caribbean. Besides showing off games like In Stars and Time, the demo for which I had a ton of fun playing during the Steam Next Fest, the event also some games that were totally new to me.

“The Caribbean is a unique blend of cultures with strong influences from Europe, Africa, Asia, North & South America, as well as Native communities,” the showcase’s YouTube description explains. “These experiences have given us a unique perspective that has resulted in far reaching Global Cultural Impact, that exceeds our size. The Windies Direct 2022 is an Indie Showcase that spotlights and champions the very best from the region.” And you can watch the entire show below:

If you saw anything in the showcase you want to see more of, the event organizers put up a wonderful Twitter thread showing off all the creators:

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