New Indie Publisher Spiral Up Has 3 Wildly Varying Projects To Watch

Based in Singapore, the just-announced publisher, Spiral Up Games, is ready to make a splash with a trio of titles that really don’t seem like they should go together for any reason. But that’s what makes indie games so fun.

Back to the Dawn

You and me? We are getting out of this joint — and for some reason we are animals. Luckily, developer Metal Head Games didn’t make the protagonist a raccoon, because I don’t know if I’d want to free them. They know what they did. Alongside that smart move, the team also made the main character a framed fox journalist. Who could resist that kind of story? If you want to see more of the game, there’s a demo up on Steam right now.


Another of Spiral Up’s projects with a demo available right now, the appetizing-sounding Affogato follows a sorceress running a café. Good thing she’s not a witch, because that market’s already been cornered. Besides having a totally unique magical heroine, the game also offers an interesting blend of gameplay that looks to combine and RPG with a “reverse tower defense mechanic.”

Wandering Sword

Last but not least in this odd collection of titles is Wandering Sword. Set in a pixel-draped China of yore, players will walk in the 2.5D footsteps of a young swordsmen. As young swordsmen often do, our leading man finds himself smack dab in the middle of trouble, and an early brush wish death leaves him determined to grow stronger. This will take players through a beautiful world looking to blend retro style with modern sensibilities.

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