The Undead Demos: Steam Next Fest May Be Over, But These Previews Live On

I had a great time with this month’s demo-laden celebration, but with so many experiences to explore, it is nearly impossible to get to everything on your list. Luckily, some of the creators are keeping their demos live for a short time. Here are 10 you can still jump into:

Flat Eye

This is a demo I’m still hoping to check out — it even landed on my list of anticipated titles.


This was absolutely one of my favorite demos of the event. You can read my impressions here.

Extremely Powerful Capybaras


Clash: Artifacts of Chaos


Desktop Dungeons: Rewind

Plow the Snow!


Another delightful highlight of the show, don’t miss Inkulinati.

There are bound to be more demos clinging to life after the end of Steam Next Fest. If one of your favorites is missing from this list, let me know! Of course, those previews that went down with the event are getting full releases eventually. See which are coming this year on this helpful indie release schedule.

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