There’s A Pitch-Perfect Pastel Party To Crash Right Now In Melatonin’s Steam Demo

Festivals like the Steam Next Fest are a time to cut loose, kick back, splurge, and eat well. And, while I’m not entirely certain Melatonin‘s phenomenal gameplay preview is officially connected to the indie-laden event, it’s still covers all those celebratory high notes.

I beat the drum (don’t you just love musically themed puns?) for Melatonin in the past at Game Informer. And while the experience up at the moment isn’t new, this season’s Steam jubilee has me in the demo mood. I replayed the available stages I had previously taken my time to perfect, and came away anticipating Melatonin’s release on PC and Switch next year even more.

Melatonin is a rhythm game. For someone like me who isn’t the biggest fan of the genre, I didn’t initially give it much thought. But its dream-centric theme sets the stage for a variety of creative levels, and, I hope, an interesting metanarrative in the final product.

The demo’s available stages run the gamut. One had me snapping up slices of pizza and whole burgers to the beat, another challenged me to take out intergalactic baddies on cue, while a third transformed social media into a melodious platformer. And, in concert with impeccably developed gameplay, each zone dazzled me with its sublime visuals.

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