Newly Revealed Retro Gadgets Will Bring Out The Inventor In You

Normally, I like to paint a word picture of a game before I introduce what’s going on mechanically, but developer Evil Licorice beat me to the punch. So huddle round the campfire and enjoy this comforting introduction to retro Gadgets.

You look up from your cozy little workbench. It’s dark out, what time is it? It doesn’t matter; you’ve been in the flow and are adding the final touches to your latest retro gadget. Just one more line of code, a spray of paint here, a sticker there – it’s done. You power it on… The start-up sound kicks in… the needles on the gauges flutter, and the screen lights up… it’s glorious. It’s ready to share with the world. Now, all it needs is a name.

Look, I’m not going to lie, I’m not hugely tech savvy. If I tried to build my own game device I’d probably end up with a smoldering pile of ruined plastic and would be lucky if the house didn’t catch fire. But with a set up like that, I sort of want to try. Check out the announcement trailer if you still need some convincing.

Retro Gadgets doesn’t have an exact release date, but it does look like it will launch in early access at the end of 2022 and stay there for about a year. You can wishlist the game here to keep up with all the updates. And there’s good news for anyone who just can’t wait to start their new inventor life! A demo for Retro Gadgets will show up in the Steam Next Fest, starting next week.

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