[Updated] 6 Demos I Can’t Wait To Play At Next Week’s Steam Next Fest

Steam is still one of the best places to find indies and the platform’s Next Fest never fails to show off some of the industry’s most interesting upcoming titles. Fall’s first demo-laden fête starts on October 3rd and runs through the 10th.

And game creators are starting to announce their participation! It can be hard to catch all of the 100s of titles that make an appearance in the event, but these are the ones that have caught my eye so far!

[Update 9/29]

Season: A Letter to the Future

Immerse yourself in the world of Season, a third-person atmospheric adventure bicycle road trip game. Leave home for the first time to collect memories before a mysterious cataclysm washes everything away. Explore, record, meet people, and unravel the strange world around you.

Steam description

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The Case of the Golden Idol

A new kind of detective game that allows you to think and investigate freely. Discover clues surrounding 12 strange and gruesome deaths and build your own theory. Pick your suspect, deduce the motive, unmask the awful truth.

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Inkulinati is an ink-based strategy straight from medieval manuscripts, where a rabbit’s bum can be deadlier than a dog’s sword. Become a master of the Living Ink, build your own bestiary, defeat medieval superstars and collect perks to unleash hidden powers.

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With Storyteller you are the one writing the stories! Start with a title, characters and settings and create your own twist on stories familiar and new.

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A society survival game set in a world destroyed by climate change. Explore, scavenge and build a city to unite the clans. Conflicting cultures and limited resources mean you need to make tough choices; have you got what it takes to lead your people into a new era of humanity?

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Flat Eye

Flat Eye is a resource management sim with an emphasis on story and narrative choices. Oversee the world’s leading technological hub while you explore stories linked to discoverable technology and interact with your most loyal customers. Flat Eye – We’re watching.

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You can bet that I’ll be trying all of these out next week and putting up my impressions. But there will be so much more to check out! If you stumble across a demo I need to play, let me know in the comments below!

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