Harmony’s Odyssey’s New Trailer Shimmers With Puzzles And Charm

Indies are leaning hard into witchy heroines lately (more on this soon), which can make things tough for enchanting titles to set themselves apart. Harmony’s Odyssey, as seen on this summer’s fantastic Wholesome Direct, tackles that problem by setting its main character in a world of dioramic puzzles. In celebration of it’s upcoming release on October 19, developer MythicOwl released a brand-new trailer.

Besides the sliding-block puzzle gameplay, the trailer shows off the title’s narrative introduction. It looks like you can’t let a magical wand out of your sight for two seconds when a cat’s in the room — even if it’s sleeping. The game tasks you with setting right the resulting comedy of errors in a world of colorful environments and cheery monsters. If that sounds like your jam, check out Harmony’s Odyssey when it hits October 19.

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