Grab Your Sword And Shield, Tunic Releases On PlayStation And Switch Today

It’s no secret that I have a great love for Andrew Shouldice’s brainchild, Tunic. When the game first launched back in March, I gave it a well-deserved 9.75 on Game Informer. If you didn’t read my glowing review back then, here’s a little taste of my impressions:

Tunic brilliantly captures the feeling of that special childhood title that made you fall in love with video games. Using a virtual simulation of an old-school guidebook, the game masterfully balances telling players almost nothing with giving them all the information they need. The result is a game brimming with genuine, triumphant discovery.

– Me, but when I worked for a big name outlet

Today, the game arrives on PlayStation and Switch, and I’m overjoyed more player can check out my favorite game of the year. I’m especially interested in checking it out on the Switch since it seems such a fitting experience for Nintendo’s console, being so influenced by The Legend of Zelda franchise.

On the note, the lovely team behind the game has sent me a Switch code, which I hope to get written impressions up of soon, but before then, anyone wanting a sneak preview of my thoughts might want to keep an eye on The MinnMax Show this Thursday!

To anyone jumping into the adventure, good luck! I, happily, have a spoiler-free list of hints and tips to help you on your journey, should you need it. But the best way to play Tunic is to go knowing nothing so the discoveries are all your own.

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