Introducing The Indie Informer

Not knowing what I wanted to do next, I took some time to weigh all my options and, utterly exhausted by the ongoing cycle of layoffs in the games media space, I decided to just go indie myself.

I want The Indie Informer to be a space to share my love of the industry’s best titles. And a place I can do this without fear of waking up one morning to discover I don’t have a job. Where I can cover what I want, when I want, and how I want, while still (fingers crossed) keeping my mental health and joy for gaming intact.

For all of you stopping by, thank you and welcome! I have no plans for a Patreon or anything along those lines right now. The Indie Informer could expand in the future, but the current goal is just to shine a light on cool things happening in the indie scene. I hope you enjoy!

3 responses to “Introducing The Indie Informer”

  1. Heard about this on the MinnMax show! 🙂

  2. Dear Ms. Grodt- Congratulations!!!! I loved your work at GI and through it I believed in your passion for indie games, but more importantly felt you were a great person with a passion for indie games. Then came the mess associated with the layoffs and only through reporting, the show, and some on Twitter— learned everything I observed and felt as an audience member was backed up in real life by your actions!! I admired you and your work before and now can say that admiration is exponentially bigger. First, Thank You for being a genuinely good person. Second, Congratulations on this endeavor! I look forward to stopping by daily to learn all the new fun indie news! You will do great!

    1. Thanks, Marshall! This is a very kind thing to write and I hope I can get a lot of indie coverage up for you to enjoy!

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