Eric Barone Shares Bite-Sized News On Haunted Chocolatier

The creator’s follow-up to Stardew Valley may well be my most anticipated game in indies. So, when Barone starts sneakily dropping info, it’s hard not to take notice.

Barone also gave a slight hint about the game’s release date. Responding to a comment further down in the thread, the developer explains that he is “eager” to show off his work, but that “it will still be a while” until that happens. With no substantial announcements on the title so far this year, the answer isn’t too surprising. Whenever the release may be, Barone also mentions in this recent social media flurry that the game is “probably not” coming to mobile.

Stay tuned for more Haunted Chocolatier updates, because you can bet I’ll be keeping my ears open for any scrap of info! And thinking of a fitting name for my sweetly creepy manor.

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