2K Games, Bandai Namco, CD Projekt Red, and Square Enix Have Something to Show

There is plenty to get excited about with all these summer announcements shooting at us from all angles. With E3 gone, it seems a little like the wild west with some major game media movers rushing to lay claim to their own territory. So in the hustle, you might have missed some of the interesting fine details.

For instance, 2K Games, Bandai Namco, CD Projekt Red, and Square Enix were the first high-profile gaming companies to have their names listed for the big three showcases. When IGN’s Summer of Gaming, GameSpot’s Play For All, and Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest each went live with their plans, those four were on board.

Does this mean they have something big to show? That’s my guess, and I’m digging into what each company might have in store for us.

2K Games

After a string of one word-messages from the official Mafia Games’ twitter have kicked off some intense speculation that a new Mafia project is being announced soon. The tweets that started May 10 have so far been a daily event, reading Family, Power, and Respect.

So, it seems likely we will be seeing something soon.

[Update: We did hear something closely on the heels of these tweets! Mafia II and III Definitive Editions are out and a Mafia I remake is coming in August.]

We might also expect to see some details on the “football-themed” games resulting from 2K’s recent partnership with the NFL and WWE 2K Battlegrounds due out in Fall 2020.

Bandai Namco

Elden Ring, the collaboration between FromSoftware and George R. R. Martin announced in a short trailer during Microsoft’s E3 conference in 2019, is one of the most anticipated titles going into the summer season. We have only gotten a few crumbs regarding details for this action RPG, which makes it a great reason to partner with all the major showcases.

The Xbox Insider on May 7 also gave us the first look at Bandai Namco’s anime-looking Nexus Scarlet. A highlight in a show that many found disappointing due to mismanaged expectations and misleading promises of gameplay, Scarlet Nexus is set in the distant future where group of psionic warriors are going up against deranged mutants.

CD Projekt Red

It is no secret we will see more of CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 which is coming out September 17 on all this and next gen’s consoles. In fact, the developers are even holding their own digital showcase called “City Night Wire” on June 11. Really, it’s no wonder that every media outlet would want to partner with them since the game commands attention every time a snippet of news releases.

CD Projekt Red CEO Adam Kiciński let it slip a few months ago that a new game in the world of the Witcher — but not Witcher 4 — will start development after Cyberpunk 2077. It is a bit of a stretch to think we could see anything substantial from this game during the summer, but maybe it’s not beyond reason that we’ll get some news.

Square Enix

There are a lot of possibilities here. Square Enix has a hand in Marvel’s Avengers, Dying Light 2, Outriders, and Babylon’s Fall. And those are just the games we already know are coming. Probably the most exciting for many is the chance to get more information on Final Fantasy VII Remake’s next section. The first part of the remake was well-received by critics and fans alike and the summer showcases would be a great venue for the follow up’s debut trailer.

Heading into Summer

We are only just getting started with the summer season and there is a lot to speculate about. 2K Games, Bandai Namco, CD Projekt Red, and Square Enix might have been the first to hit the ground running in terms of showcase partnerships, but, so far, only CD Projekt Red has joined the list of companies throwing their own virtual events. I’m going to try to cover it all in my summer predictions which will dive even deeper into all the wonderful news and reveal possibilities!

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