Wargroove Finally Coming to Switch Next Week

Nintendo kicked off today’s Indie Highlights presentation with Chucklefish’s turn-based tactical game, Wargroove, releasing remarkably soon. The game will be available on February 1st which, for those of you who, like me, haven’t quite adjusted to the year 2019, is next Friday.

Chucklefish, indie developer and publisher best known for Stardew Valley, first announced the game in February 2017, the two-year wait made today’s sudden release date reveal all the more impactful for fans. For those just hearing about it (and spared any delay), Wargroove is a top down tactics game with a full story campaign and up to four-player online or local multiplayer.

The teaser trailer opens with a scarred and armored woman overlooking a vast grassy plain with a similarly armored canine companion. The video quickly flashes through a diverse cast, you’re introduced to everything from a plant/human hybrid to a priestess-like warrior with fan weapons. Players will be able to select one of these characters to be their “captain” and discover each character’s signature move, called their “groove attack,” which promises to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Wargroove also comes with a customization tool which will somehow let you create your own cutscenes as well as cobble together unique maps.

Nintendo has been marketing the Switch as the place to get the hottest new indies for a while now: a strategy which may have contributed to the console’s pack-leading sales numbers this year. Rumors surfaced earlier this year suggesting Nintendo’s first presentation of the year would be a Nintendo Direct, a more comprehensive presentation detailing what to expect from the company, which left a few a disappointed. However, Nintendo has made Indie Highlights videos and ‘Nintindies’ a major thrust of their marketing, showing the company’s comment to independent creators.

Wargroove isn’t the only Chucklefish-published game being shown off today. We also got more details on the mysterious Inmost, and saw a fleeting glimpse of Stardew Valley in the end montage.

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